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Our 45 minute FUN CLASS is a perfect mix of Play & Learning!
We begin with 15 minutes of Open Play. This allows your arrival to be smooth and easy for all the children to enter the gym.  Please use this time to explore the room and this includes any of the objects we have out for circle time! Next, Mrs. Natalie will call all her friends to the circle where we will have a small lesson based on our monthly theme.  This portion of circle time changes weekly.  We also have a variety of activities (morning song, music & movement, parachute play, bouncy ball routine, etc) that implement routine.  These FUN activities get us Up, Moving, and really give the children something consistent to anticipate each time they attend class!
Not sure your child will sit or participate during Circle Time?? NO PROBLEM!
Mrs. Natalie is not offended What So Ever if your child doesn’t sit! They are little and for most, this is their 1st social experience! Also, it is so amazing to watch them blossom from a child with no interest in participating, to being one of the 1st seated when Mrs. Nat calls her friends over! These FUN Classes are for you and your little one to enjoy each other, all while developing their gross and fine motor skills!

Our Winter Schedule
Play Groups and Birthday Parties are scheduled around this schedule. Please email us with any questions…Or just Come On In!!

 FUN ClassOpen Play
Open Plays are ALL Ages!
Monday10:30am9:30am & 5:30pm

The age groups listed for our FUN Classes are merely suggestion.  Children learn from each other and the mixing of age groups encourages this behavior. The ‘youngers’ learn by example, and in turn, the ‘olders’ are building their confidence and leadership skills.  This also allows you to see what class fits your child the best!

Evenings/Weekends are All Ages! Tuesdays 6:15pm & Saturdays 9:30am
Busy Bees (12-18months)Wednesdays 9:30am & Thursdays 10:30am
Wiggle Worms (19mo-2.5yrs)Mondays 10:30am & Thursdays 9:30am
Dancing Dragonflies (2.5 yrs-3.5 yrs)Tuesdays 9:30am & Fridays 10:30am
*Sports MIX Class – Leaping Lizards (3yrs-5yrs)Tuesdays 11:30am & Wednesdays 11:30am

*Sports Mix is a FUN Class designed for our preschool age children.  We will still start class with 15 minutes of Open Play.  However, instead of the Circle Time theme, we will learn the Fundamentals of many different sports.  Parents have the option to wait in our waiting room during this class only. We encourage your child to be independent and prepare for elementary school.  This class is perfect to accompany a child already attending a preschool or for home schooled children.  Physical Education is very important and many preschool aged children are lacking in the amount of physical activity they receive.    (If a younger child would like to attend, the parent will need to accompany them into class.)

Options to Join the FUN!

  1. UNLIMITED FUN Kid Membership            ($10 off Sibling Memberships)
    30 Day Member …… $59.95
    Year Member…… $49.95/mo   ~BEST VALUE!~
    We have many that make FUNdamentals part of their morning routine!  They get to release their energy and it makes naptime a bit easier! This also allows multiple grown ups to enjoy FUNdamentals with them!  A family member or daycare provider may be able to bring them during the day, and then parents may bring them on a weeknight or weekend.     (A $12.95+tax One Time Book Fee is required for 1st time members. *Only 1 book required per household.)~ Siblings can attend Open Plays for FREE! ~
    This makes it convenient to really utilize the unlimited feature!  Older siblings (even over 5 yrs old) are encouraged to come on in and join the FUN!  We encourage Family FUN….However, Mrs. Nat will ask them to be gentle since we must keep the little ones safe!  Most siblings really love to be included and enjoy helping their little one learn!
  2. Stamp Program:
    This discount package gives you the freedom to come anytime you choose to have FUN!  Your Stamps NEVER EXPIRE so you can easily change to an Unlimited membership whenever it suits your needs!

    • 1 Stamp = Open Play
    • 2 Stamps = FUN Class & Same-day Open Play
    • 5 Stamp Package ….$30.00
    • 10 Stamp Package….$60.00
  3. Individual FUN Class….$16.00

Call or email with any questions  443.640.4061 or email fundamentals123@aol.com.

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Come In and Enjoy 45 Minutes of FUN Play in our Gym

*Sensory Friendly Open Plays available. Email us for details!
Monday9:30am & 5:30pm

~Options to Play~

  1. Unlimited FUN Class Members (and their siblings) come for FREE!
  2. Stamp Program:
    This discount package gives you the freedom to attend anytime you choose to have FUN!
    Your Stamps NEVER EXPIRE!  Easily change to an Unlimited membership whenever it suits your needs!

    • 1 Stamp = Open Play
    • 2 Stamps = FUN Class
    • 5 Stamp Package ….$30.00
    • 10 Stamp Package….$60.00
  3. 1 Open Play   …$8.00

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These classes are designed to be a more Calm Atmosphere.  Our lights will be dim, music soft, and our bounce houses will be deflated.  The noise can be overwhelming to some, so we have adapted to each child’s need.  The number of children for these classes is lower than our other classes, so registration is necessary.

Please email us for registration at fundamentals123@aol.com

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